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FIA F2 Championship, Spielberg, Feature Race Report 

On the ups and downs of the Styrian circuit, the Team Trident drivers ended the Feature Race in the middle of the pack. Giuliano Alesi lost valuable seconds at the tire change, while Ryan Tveter was slowed down at the beginning of the race by a problem with the engine, which entered protection mode. The American driver's debut in the category was anyway promising.

With the round of Spielberg, the FIA Formula 2 Championship reached its 2019 half point. On the ups and downs of Styria, which is hosting round 6, the Trident drivers showcased themselves at solid levels but did not reach the points area. The line-up presented by the Italian team in Austria was marked by the return of Ryan Tveter, fielded alongside Giuliano Alesi to replace Ralph Boschung. The 19-year-old driver from Avignon, who started from the sixteenth place on the grid, gained some positions in the early stages. During the tire change, which took place after six laps, the French driver lost six seconds due to an issue. 

After leaving the pit lane, the Ferrari Driver Academy driver maintained a solid race pace and finished in the middle of the group in 13th position, securing the sixth fastest lap time of the day. Ryan Tveter made a promising debut in the FIA Formula 2 Championship. The 25-year-old from New York started off well, but raising oil temperatures sent his engine into protection mode, forcing him to give away key seconds. Team Trident's American driver ended his first F2 race in P16, delivering a solid race pace. The technical staff of the Team Trident is now busy analysing the collected data, in order to prepare for the Sprint Race with the usual swift approach. The sprint race will take place tomorrow at 11:00.

Giacomo Ricci, Team Manager

"Unfortunately, in today's race, two specific situations slowed down our drivers, who ended up in the middle of the pack outside the points. A team mistake cost Giuliano Alesi six seconds during the tire change, not allowing him to go beyond the 13th position. Tveter's debut has been very positive so far. He set up a promising pace and would have ended up in a better position if its engine had not entered "protection mode" due to the skyrocketing oil temperatures. Now we must focus on tomorrow's Sprint Race, in which I expect a better result."