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F3 TRIDENT - Macau Grand Prix

F3 TRIDENT - Macau Grand Prix

FIA F3 Macau Grand Prix  

Lining-up for the first time at the legendary Macau street course, Team Trident was on top since the outset securing a brilliant fifth place with Alessio Lorandi and a ninth-place with David Beckmann. Olli Caldwell was stopped by a contact.

The new FIA Formula 3 Championship cars had a spectacular maiden run at the Macau Grand Prix.  On the legendary and treacherous roads of the former Portuguese Protectorate, the teams of the series lined-up for a non-championship race where all the drivers were able to run in search of pure performance without making any calculation linked to the general ranking. As expected, the result was an absolutely spectacular race, characterized by numerous surprises, as always happens in the world-famous event. With the starting grid of the Macau Grand Prix not determined by a qualifying session, but by a qualification race taking place on Saturday, Team Trident made an impressive debut on the streets of Macau with its drivers David Backmann, Olli Caldwell and Alessio Lorandi. The German, second in the opening qualifying, crashed in the final lap of the session, and started from the 19th position on the qualifying race grid. Despite an early contact, Beckmann managed to regain 10 positions despite his car being damaged. British racer Olli Caldwell made excellent progress over the weekend and took the 17th position on the starting grid of the qualifying race. On the opening lap though, he found himself trapped by a contact at the first corner and finished in 23rd position. Alessio Lorandi, who came back to racing after ten months away from the sport, fought back from fourteenth on the grid to seventh place at the finish. After a positive first qualifying session, the Italian had lost a bit of confidence in the second, but the result nailed in the qualifying race put him in a good position to aim for a top result in the Grand Prix. The 21-year-old from Brescia showed he has not lost his pace, and cruised to a fifth-place finish, ending up less than five seconds away from the winner. Beckmann finished ninth in a race marked by many battles on track and some time lost in the restarts. Caldwell was involved in a contact that broke his nose and damaged a tire: the 17-year-old  rookie was forced to retire early in the run. The fifth position of Lorandi and the ninth of Beckmann certainly represent a positive result for the Team Trident, who held the Italian banner high in its first trip to Macau, and now hopes to improve further in 2020. The excellent feeling between the team and the legendary Asian venue is certainly a good omen.

Giacomo Ricci, Team Manager

"Team Trident raced for the first time on the treacherous and difficult city streets of Macau this weekend, but the feeling with the Asian track was immediately excellent. Our drivers showed great ability to adapt to the track, and certainly performed well. Some specific episodes determined the positions on the starting grid of the Grand Prix. Beckmann recovered well up to the ninth place after a mistake in qualifying, while Lorandi secured a good seventh place on the grid with a remarkable run. On the other hand, Caldwell had his line blocked by an accident at the start, which resulted in a twenty-third place on the grid for the GP. Our balance for the Macau Grand Prix is certainly flattering though. Lorandi delivered a high-level performance, finishing in the fifth position: a really good result if we consider that he was coming from ten months of inactivity and had just one day of testing! Despite numerous battles and a bit of time lost in the restart, Beckmann scored a positive ninth place. Caldwell, on the other hand, could not conclude the race after having is car damaged in a contact. With two cars in the top-ten, while we had the goal of hitting the podium, I still think today's result is extremely positive. The history of Team Trident in Macau was off to a great start!”