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GP3 TRIDENT - Sochi Feature Race

GP3 TRIDENT - Sochi Feature Race

GP3 Series, Sochi Autodrom, Feature Race Report

In the first race at the North Sea circuit, Team Trident scored points only with David Beckmann.

In the first race on the Russian track of Sochi, facing the waters of the Black Sea and home to the eighth round of the GP3 Series season, Team Trident managed to score points only with one driver, German teenager David Beckmann, who ended a fine comeback in fifth place. The Milan-based team performed well in qualifying by scoring the third fastest time with Giuliano Alesi and the fifth with Ryan Tveter, but both Trident team’s men were not lucky in the race. The 24-year-old from New York was punted out by a rival in the first corner, while the teen from Avignon suffered thermal degradation tire problems, after the initial stages of the race, which forced him to end out of the top ten. Brazilian Pedro Piquet, slowed by traffic in qualifying, had a  very similar run to his team-mate. The race of eighteen-year-old David Beckmann was very successful. The North-Rhine man was hampered in qualifying by an engine problem and started from the fifteenth spot on the grid. He kept his tires in good condition and gained ten positions. The German will take-off from the fourth position on the starting grid of the Sprint Race, which will start tomorrow morning at 10:05.

Giacomo Ricci, Team Manager:

"I'm not completely satisfied with the outcome of today's race. If on one hand, the race showcased David Beckmann, author of a prodigious recovery an engine problem in qualifying, the other drivers did not have any luck. Now the technical staff will evaluate the data collected in the Feature Race with the drivers, facing the usual work of preparing for tomorrow's Sprint Race".