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FRECA, Round 3 - Monte Carlo, Race Preview with Roman Bilinski

FRECA, Round 3 - Monte Carlo, Race Preview with Roman Bilinski

Coming from an extremely positive season start, Trident is ready for the third round of the year at the prestigious Monte Carlo street course during the Monaco Grand Prix venue. Trident will be going for a double effort, lining up for the FIA Formula 2 Championship and the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine.

Trident will line up for the third round of the 2022 Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine at the Monte Carlo venue. Roman Bilinski, Tim Tramnitz, and Leonardo Fornaroli will face an extremely challenging weekend as they will race on a street course for the first time.

The trio fielded by the Italian squad had an impressive start at Monza and Imola. Fornaroli ended up in the points zone in three of the four races held so far, while Tramniz claimed a front-row start at Imola before ending up in the top-10 in both races. Bilinski showed great potential although he paid the price of a little bit of inexperience as he had never driven on the two Italian racetracks. In the end, he could not collect the dividends he deserved. The British racer of Polish heritage took time for a preview of the Monte Carlo events.

You will race for the first time on a street circuit, are you excited?

“It’s a privilege for me to race in such a historic and incredible track alongside Formula 1. I’m sure the atmosphere is going to be incredibile, I can’t wait to get there and I’m really looking forward to it”.

What does it mean for you to race in such a historic place?

“I absolutely love Formula 1 so racing around the track where you’ve seen so many legends win races is going to be a pretty incredible feeling and also like I said, to be with F1 will be even better, seeing them go around the track”.

Which corners do you think are going to be the most important?

“Obviously all the corners are going to be really important, but in Monaco you got a few small straight, so the exit from the corners which put you in the straights are gonna be crucial. After turn 1 for example you go uphill and it’s going to be really crucial to get a good exit. The whole middle sector is important, as you can find a lot of time there just getting your rhythm. Also the exit of last corner, going into the main straight, is going to be very important. Every corner has some little tricks, so you just have to find them as soon as possible”.

Do you think that sim preparation was even more important for this unique kind of track?

“This year the sim is crucial for me, as I will have to discover many new tracks, such as Monaco. So it’s extremely important to spend a lot of time going over things to make sure we are prepared as possible, because we only got one free practice session before going straight into qualifying. So the sim is a really good tool to prepare as possibile and learn as much as we can before hitting the track”.

What do you expect in terms of results from Monaco?

“Hopefully we can improve a few things on myself and my driving style and we see where this put us. I think Monaco is a track that really suit me, but we have to wait and see in qualifying. For sure we are going in them much stronger than we did in Monza and Imola, so let’s see what it can bring us”.

And finally, how it is going with an Italian team?

“I absolutely love it. Everyone in Trident is incredible, they work so hard and the atmosphere is amazing. I also love being in a country that is nice and warm most of the time, it’s a great bonus as well. Finally, the food is so good, I really can’t complain”.

Round 3 schedule (local times)

14:00 - Free Practice

9:05 - Qualifying session (Group A)
9:45 - Qualifying session (Group B)

11:40 - Race 1 (30 minutes +1 lap)

8:35 - Race 2 (30 minutes +1 lap)