Formula 2


Saudi Arabia
6.174 M

The Jeddah circuit has a high number of corners, 27, of which 11 on the right and 16 on the left, making it the one with the highest number of corners among all the circuits on the calendar. An additional feature is the 12 degree slope of curve 13. It also offers three zones of the Drag Reduction System for using the device.

The circuit was built in the locality of Jeddah Corniche and the races are expected to take place at night; hosts the Saudi Grand Prix for the 2021 and 2022 seasons only, as it is expected to move to a new racetrack which will be completed in the city of Qiddiya in 2023.

Free Practice
25 Mar. 2022
14:25 (UTC+2)
25 Mar. 2022
18:30 (UTC+2)
Sprint Race
26 Mar. 2022
15:30 (UTC+2)
Feature Race
27 Mar. 2022
16:55 (UTC+2)