Freca is back on the track this weekend and next for the final rush

Freca is back on the track this weekend and next for the final rush

Everything is set for the final, back-to-back stint of the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine, which will be running in the next two weeks at Zandvoort and Hockenheim. The Dutch track has become a classic round of the series, while the German one is a historic first that might be impacting the field’s values right at the final turn of the season.
Trident can look at the double event with optimism, aware of the positive showings at Spielberg and Monza where all drivers fielded by Maurizio Salvadori and his team secured points and even a fourth place overall at home in Italy.
Before heading to the Netherlands, we had the chance to draw a balance of the season so far with Roman Bilinski.
“Overall it’s been a very difficult season, and not the one we were expecting, but it’s not over yet. We still have four races and two weekends left, so as always we will give everything”.

What is your state of mind ahead of Zandvoort and Hockenheim?

“I really want to enjoy and be proud of these last races. That’s how I want to live the moment. We can end the season how we wanted to start it”.
We saw a good progression in the final rounds, what are your expectations?
“I can’t say. I think we just have to do the best job we can. It’s too early to say anything now but hopefully we can stay near the front”.
Have you done special training for Zandvoort as it’s very physically demanding?

“Not really, I’ve done the same hard work as always, and hopefully I will be able to turn the wheel until the end of the race”.