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Clément Novalak

Clément Novalak

Roman Staněk

Roman Staněk


The GP2 Series originally started in 2005 with 12 teams on the grid, and Trident joined the field in 2006 after being selected among 10 other top motorsports teams.

In 2017, the GP2 Series was renamed Formula 2 and became a key step for towards Formula 1. The stars of the series have been given an increasingly high chance to access F1 directly and it is currently getting more and more attention by the F1 teams and insiders. With two races held on the same weekends of the Formula 1 Grand Prix events, the Formula 2 frontrunners have a unique exposure level. Not only from a media standpoint, but also in terms of attention gathered from the Formula 1 team managers, who have the opportunity to meet them and see them in action so to select the most deserving prospects. In 2018, the FIA Formula 2 Championship feature a brand-new car which was displayed at the Grand Prix of Italy. The many innovations are highlighted by the use of a turbo engine, which makes the series even more relevant compared to Formula 1 from a technical point of view.


The race weekend format for both F2 and F3 is particularly exciting for the audience and very demanding for teams and drivers. With three races and only one single qualifying session taking place for each event, the results of Friday’s final standings of the qualifying session will set the starting grid for the Sunday Feature Race. The starting grid for Saturday’s Race 1 Sprint will be determined by the reversing the top 10 finishing line up from Friday’s qualifying session results.

- Two races per weekend (Sprint Race & Feature Race)
- Identical cars with Dallara structure, Mecachrome engine and Pirelli tyres
- Friday: Free Practice (45 mins)
- Friday: Qualifying Session (30 mins)
- Saturday: Sprint Race
- Sunday: Feature Race

The Car

Formula 2

Overall length: 5224 mm
Overall width: 1900 mm
Overall weight: 755 kg (driver on-board)


Mecachrome V6 turbocharged – 3.4 lt – 620 HP @8750 rpm


Acceleration: 0-100 km/h, 2.90 sec
Acceleration: 0-200 km/h, 6.60 sec
Maximum speed: 335 km/h
(Monza aero configuration)


- New 18 inches rims introduced in 2020.
- O.Z. Racing magnesium rims.
- 18” x 12” front wheel dimension.
- 18” x 13.7” rear wheel dimension.
- F2 specific Pirelli slick / wet tyres.
- TPMS  (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System).


- Non-assisted rack and pinion steering system.
- XAP steering wheel with dashboard, gear change, clutch and DRS paddles, marshalling & VSC display.

DRS (Drag Reduction System)

- Same functionality of DRS used in Formula One.
- Hydraulic activation.